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Panchsheel Group is a world-class Indian construction company - leading with compelling impact towards excellence. With its vision to design and build such residential and commercial complexes which even after being of international quality, are still affordable to the masses- Panchsheel Group has come to be recognized, respected and trusted, builder in NCR. This goodwill is the result of the company’s efforts and achievements over the years.


0.03 Lacs - 50.68 Lacs

Panchsheel Greens 2

Greater Noida.

22.57 Lacs - 46.34 Lacs

Panchsheel Hynish

Sector-1, Greater Noida (West)

28.51 Lacs - 74.53 Lacs

Panchsheel Greens 1

Sector-16B, Bhangel

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