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IIT Roorkee resubmits environmental plan for Ghaziabad

IIT Roorkee resubmits environmental plan for Ghaziabad

GHAZIABADIIT Roorkee which was hired by Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) to prepare an environmental plan for the city has submitted its report to the development authority. The report has been sent to UP Pollution Board to ascertain its viability because the earlier report which IIT Roorkee had submitted was rejected by the board saying it was ‘un-implementable.’

The content of report however was not divulged by either GDA or the board saying that it is being assessed and only after that it would be released officially.

“Even though we are the nodal agency and we hired IIT Roorkee to prepare environmental plan for the city, it is UP Pollution Board which has the expertise to assess it and so we have forwarded it to them,” said 
Ishtiaq Ahmed, chief architect and town planner, GDA. The pollution board official on the other hand first feigned ignorance of the report, but later said that they are still going through it.

Apr 29,2019 | Economic Times
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