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Illegal Structures Will Be Demolished Without Even Giving Notice: KCR

Illegal Structures Will Be Demolished Without Even Giving Notice: KCR

Terming the new Telangana Municipalities Act-2019 as a citizen-friendly urban policy, Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao on July 19 said the intent behind the new legislation is to regulate municipal bodies. He said illegal constructions, if found, after obtaining permission, will be demolished without serving notices.

"Citizens are given freedom, including self-certification, for their property tax assessment, but false claims and illegal constructions will be verified by flying squads. We are like a mother, who feeds her children and also raps them when the need arises," he said, introducing the bill in the Assembly. "People follow rules only with devotion or fear," he said.

According to the new bill, no permission would be required for construction of houses (ground+first floor) in plots below 75 square metres. "All they have to do is register online by paying just Rs Rs 1," he said. 

He also made it clear that there would be no more nagar panchayats henceforth, only municipalities, municipal corporations and urban development authorities.

Claiming that he took special care in drafting each line in the bill, he said strict action would be taken against corrupt employees and those who do not issue certificates in a time-bound manner. "Now, an employee (municipal employees) can be transferred to anywhere in the state," he said.

Each municipal ward would have four committees with eminent persons, women, youth and retired people. These committees would hold regular 'darbars' on local issues.

In municipal wards, councillor, in-charge officer would be given the task of growing plants, if they don't, they would also be removed. "Green committees will be constituted in every district under the chairmanship of the collector to improve green cover, both in urban and rural areas," he added.

"We are very transparent. I want all those who want to contest municipal elections to read the new legislation first," the CM added.

Stating that collectors would be vested with more powers, he said the bill ends the power of ministers to give stay on orders given by collectors on sarpanches in panchayats or municipal ward councillors. "Village revenue officers (VROs) have been playing havoc with lives of people. They change land titles according to their whims and fancies. They can even transfer my land illegally. We will not spare (corrupt officials) any more," he said.

The CM clarified that the state government would decide dates of municipal election, but would not interfere in the affairs of the State Election Commission. 

Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao on July 19 said he would personally conduct darbars in villages on podu land and give pattas to tribals.

An urban excellency centre would be set up in about 25 acres in the state, the CM announced in the Assembly. "With 50% population to be in urban areas, everyone, including elected representatives, should have understanding about urban governance. They will be given training at the urban excellency centre," he said.

Jul 22,2019 | The Times of India
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