5 Interesting Ways To Decorate Your Home With Wallpaper

Make your home look new again. Use wallpapers to decorate walls, cabinets, ceiling with these simple tricks only at Reliobrix .


Floral, abstract or motifs, wallpapers are known to give your home a brand new look every time. But, all this while we have only known one way of using wallpapers to deck up our homes. There are some more interesting ways, too.

Not the walls, this time stick the wallpaper to the ceiling. A pattern overhead can be far more visually appealing than the walls. Pick a colour from the wallpaper and paint the walls with it. Moreover, motifs on the ceiling can make your room look expansive and luxurious.

Wallart instead

Do not stick the wallpaper all over the wall, rather cut it into pieces (square or rectangle), frame them and use them as art. This can work well for wallpapers that depict a painting. Or, create a collage of two wallpapers with same pattern but in contrasting colours. Framed panels can turn out to be one of the cheapest forms to deck up the walls with art.

Cover up

Got an old wooden chair? Cover its back and chair with vinyl or vinyl-coated wallpapers and voila, you have a brand new,  bright chair. It is one of the most economical ways to give your small furniture a quick makeover. You could do something similar for a table too. Cover the top of the table with a wallpaper of your choice and paint the rest with the colour that complements the wallpaper. Do not forget to cover the wallpaper with glass top to save it from any wear and tear.

Back of your mind


Want to give your bed a bright headboard? Cover wooden headboard with a single wallpaper or use three and panel them vertically. This will add to the look of your room and brighten it up instantly. Moreover, it will not take too much space and will not be expensive, too.

Score it with a background

Make your crockery cabinet a statement piece in your room, just cover the back wall with a classy wallpaper. The background will instantly catch attention and even accentuate the crockery in the cabinet, too.



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