Vastu Tips To Give Momentum To Your Career

Reliobrix News lists some quick Vastu tips, adhering to which could help you make a positive difference to your career and gain success without obstructions.


Every individual works towards a career, which gives one growth both professionally and financially. But, if you are facing a setback or stagnation in your otherwise fruitful professional life, Vastu, the scientific concept of inherent energy, could help your career regain momentum.

Reliobrix News lists some quick Vastu tips, adhering to which could help you make a positive difference to your career and gain success without obstructions. These tips will also promote your personal growth.


  • Place a Laughing Buddha on your workstation to fight stress, depression, and bring happiness at the workplace.
  • Sit on a High-back chair. It will help you enhance your career prospects further. Moreover, opting for a wooden furniture in the office can also accelerate the success rate of your career.
  • Facing the north or northeast while sitting in the office attracts positive energy and thus, promotes career growth.
  • A picture of lake, waterfall or any other water body when placed in the northeast direction, accelerates the career graph.
  • Have a door or a windows in the east and north direction in the office. Ensure that there are no obstructions around either doors or windows of your office.
  • Having a rectangular-shaped workstation is considered to be favourable for growth in the career.
  • The ideal height of the workstation should be such that it coincides with your navel. This generates good energy.
  • Keep your workstation or area clutter-free and place everything in perfect order to ensure smooth working of the body and mind.
  • East facing workstations are considered to be ideal to work at, as it brings in respect.  Also, wall behind the workstation helps boost confidence and creativity.
  • Place a positive symbols such as Om, Swastik, idol of Lord Ganesha etc. around the workstation. It promotes positivity.


  • Sitting right below a light beam can cause tension. Thus, resulting in lack of concentration at work.
  • For an outstanding growth in career, avoid having meals on the workstation.
  • Avoid noisy offices, plastic furniture, negative pictures like war or violence etc. around you at the workplace. It stagnates the career.
  • Never sit on a congested workstation.
  • Avoid sitting cross-legged in the office for an exemplary career growth.



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