10 Smart Ways to Eliminate Negative Vibes from Your Home

Here are 10 simple tips that you can implement easily, either on your own or with professional advice, to bring harmony and prosperity to your home.


Home is the place where you should feel safest and most secure. But when the home is full of negative energy, it has a tangible effect on your emotions as well as health.

Negative energy also contributes to lot of disturbances in family relationships. It can even lead to conflict among family members. Living in such situations will lead to more anxiety and stress.

A home without negative energy is a more comfortable one, perfect for relaxing and enjoying the company of your loved ones or for entertaining friends and relatives. All it takes is a few minor corrections using Vastu Shastra to bring a positive vibe to a room or an area.

This ancient practice has been used in Indian homes for centuries to remove negative energy. Here are 10 simple tips that you can implement easily, either on your own or with professional advice, to bring harmony and prosperity to your home.

  • Sea salt: This is a very commonly applied and tested formula to put away all the negativity from the house. It will purify your home and create a lot of fresh space. Sea salt can be used as it is or can be mixed with water and can be placed in different areas of your house. Make sure it is placed in North-east or South-west directions.


  • Remove all the clutter: All of us have the habit of piling up old stuff in drawers and bed boxes without realising that we are actually trapping all the negative energies inside the house. Throw away all that you don’t need anymore, be it old dirty clothes or old newspapers and magazines.


  • Reschedule your furniture: Never keep any kind of heavy furniture in the centre of your house as it blocks off all the positive energy. Try keeping plants inside your house as it adds colour, life and bring in positive vibes .


  • Fresh air and sunshine: It has incredible cleansing powers. As the wind blows through your hair and the warm kiss of the sun beams on your face, the energy of nature will always make you feel anew. So open up your windows or take a walk outside. Feel the cleansing air enter your lungs as you breathe in, then exhale the negative energy and repeat.


  • Wind Chimes: The music that the tinkling bells produce, breaks patterns of the negative energy, letting positive energy to pervade instead.


  • Holy Water: You can keep the holy water, Ganga jal, in the dark, rarely used corners of your house, in order to keep the positivity flowing in. Mere presence of the holy water, according to Vastu, works wonders.


  • Swastik: The holy symbol of Swastik is auspicious to use in the house. The symbol of Swastik depicts wealth and prosperity. Drawing symbols of Swastik and OM at the entry of your house, prevents the evil from stepping in.


  • Incense sticks: Burning incense stick or “Dhoop” in a house brings certain calmness and elevates positive energies. This has been a common sacred ritual to keep away negativity.


  • Add Mirrors: To add positive energy (also known as chi) place mirrors around your home, but remember to avoid ones with sharp edges. “This will not only help you create more positive energy in your decor, but it will also help to cleanse the mind.


  • Meditation: If you really wish to clean your surroundings, start by cleaning your mind. Say hello to positive thoughts to befriend positive vibes.



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  1. I do agree with all of the ideas you have presented in your post. They’re very convincing and will definitely work. Still, the posts are very short for newbies. Could you please extend them a little from next time? Thanks for the post.


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