6 Simple Tips To Prepare Your Home For The Monsoons

Here, we have listed the 6 tips that can help you prepare your home for the monsoons.


Rainy season for 2018 is knocking and we are ready to get drenched in the wonder of nature. The most awaited season of the year brings many delights like pleasant climate, lush green view of nature and of course a delicious platter of snacks; however, it brings along a checklist for your home maintenance, failing which you can suffer with various problems in your home. Yes, while the rains bring a much-needed respite from the summer heat, there are many chances that the heavy downpour may cause some damage to your property. To prevent any damage to the house during the heavy rains, it is important to take certain measure before time. Here, we have listed the 6 tips that can help you prepare your home for the monsoons.

  • Inspect The Roof: The first thing to be done to prepare the house for monsoons is to inspect the roofs of the house. The cracks on the roof or terrace may not be visible during other times but during the rains, they may cause leakage and dampness in the walls. These cracks can be filled up with cement, wall putty etc., to prevent any dampness in walls.
  • Repaint The Door/Window Frames: As doors and windows are in the exterior of the house and in direct contact with the water and chemicals present in the water, rusting of metal frames and swelling of wooden parts is very common. The incessant rains or the moisture left behind may cause rusting/swelling of the doors and the windows. To avoid this, it is advisable to get the doors and windows painted before the onset of monsoon.
  • Analyze The Drainage System: Another problem that arises with monsoon is the overflow of drains and sewage. It is important to get the drainage system of the house analyzed before the start of rain. Make sure that there is no blockage or problem in the draining of water otherwise everything may just pool up during monsoon.
  • Perform An Electric Check: Earthing of electric switches is a common problem during monsoon which may lead to electric shocks. To prevent this, it is important to perform an electric check on the house. Hire an electrician to check all the connections, especially the switches and plugs present outside the house. Heavy pouring of rain may cause electric shock or short-circuits. A professional electrician can check all the connections and switches to ensure there is no cross connection and also inspect the circuits to ensure all connections are safe.
  • Roll Over The Carpets & Rugs: Monsoon is the season of humidity and moisture in the air. The moisture and increased water vapor content in the air offers a breeding ground for molds and fungus in carpets and rugs. It is not possible to clean dry the carpets and rugs all the time. So the best thing to be done is to roll the carpets and rugs and keep them in a dry place until the rains stop. Once monsoon is over, take them out, get them cleaned and dried in sunlight before setting them on the floor again.
  • Insect Prevention: Monsoon brings moisture into the air which breeds different insects. Not just mosquitoes and flies, other insects like worms, termites, and ants. It is always advisable to get your property in India checked for any signs that could lead to the breeding of insects. You can get insecticides and bug sprays sprayed in the house and pest control done by professionals to prevent insects from breeding and causing various diseases.

These are some of the simple tips you can follow to prepare your home for this monsoon and prevent any type of damage. Although sunlight is a rare thing in monsoons, ensure that maximum sunlight is reaching out in your home to prevent any moisture.



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