Let’s be honest; we’ve all gone through that time when the small bedroom’s decor and storage have been a matter of concern. Despite all the tips and tricks your friends had provided, or you have gathered from the internet; the small bedroom doesn’t seem to work out along the rest of the house! And in case, these tricks work, we have so many things stuffed up in the room, that it doesn’t take much time to get cluttered! But, don’t you worry, we’ve got your back! Check out the 7 tried and tested ways to deck up a small bedroom.

1. Opt for double-duty furniture in a small bedroom. This way you are increasing the scope of storage as well as the decor part of the room.

2. Put up family pictures and other printed images in the form of a gallery wall instead of placing them on the table. This way you are freeing up floor space!

3. Vertical storage is the mantra when it comes to small spaces. Opt for tall storage furniture or shelves.

4. Who says that a small room cannot have a chandelier or pendant light? Opt for a sleeker version of the same to give the bedroom a royal touch.

5. Opt for sheer curtains instead of thick and heavy drapes. The sheer curtains will help the room to achieve a windy and light mood!

6. It is always better to opt for a canopy bed or a bed with a taller headboard. This will help the room get a spacious look.

7. Don’t leave a small room cluttered, as the mess makes the room appear smaller and claustrophobic. It is always better to opt for hidden storage, like under the bed storage for a small bedroom.



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