Every day we use several products and throw away the waste material as trash. Plastic containers, kitchen devices, cans, cartons, and more, are the things we toss them right after using them. However, a careful consideration of recycling the waste items will help you save more! Not only that, recycling products helps reduce the pollution as well as benefits the environment!

Check out the 9 most amazing crafts made out of everyday waste items!

1. Have a lot of plastic spoons lying around? Make a spoonful vase out of it!

2. Or, make a picture frame out of wine cork!

3. This egg carton mirror frame is gorgeous!

4. Use the egg carton to create a beautiful table lamp like this.

5. Add spunk to your home with this paper cut twine light garland.

6. Make use of newspaper to make a lampshade!

7. Or, turn a tin can into a quirky storage container.

8. Why buy a mailbox when you can make one with cereal box!

9. Or, recycle an old wine bottle into a beautiful oil dispenser.



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