Bathroom Tile Decor: What Works For You?


Bathrooms are not just about soaps and suds. It is the most important and private space in your home that deserves to be more than just clean. Since it’s where you start and end your day, it might be a good idea to make it beautiful and inspiring. While you give the fancy toiletries and accessories some thought, allow us to draw your attention to the tiles that set the mood.

Let us look at some bathroom tile ideas that make for a clean and aesthetically appealing bathroom.

Bathroom Tile Idea #1: Size matters

If you have a large bathroom, you can have large tiles installed. They are easier to clean and fit well with bigger dimensions. You can also experiment with dark or pastel colors to offset the general white or off-white tile patterns.

In case your bathroom is comparatively smaller, a great way to add space is to have tiles installed diagonally or in the shape of a diamond. This immediately makes the space look larger and is easy on the eyes. Similarly, if your bathroom has curved seats, use smaller tiles on it so that it doesn’t overpower the décor of the bathroom.

Bathroom Tile Idea #2: Material sense

Choosing the right material is essential. Most people go for ceramic tiles, which are more economic or porcelain ones which are slightly more expensive, but popular. You can also go for stones or granite, as the décor demands. In recent times, people have been opting for wood- finished looks too.

Ceramic tiles are easy to clean and you can have them removed or repainted quite easily. Porcelain tiles do not absorb water that easily but look classier. They work well in smaller bathrooms.

If you use the same tile pattern throughout, great. If not, the tile you choose should be installed seamlessly with the other tiles at the point of contact. You don’t want tile glue to invite grout and dirt.

Bathroom Tile Idea #3: Upkeep is everything!

Bathrooms require a lot of cleaning and sanitary upkeep. Larger tiles means less grout. With smaller tiles, the accumulation of grout in cracks and corners is much more, making it all the more difficult to clean. In case you don’t have a person to take care of the bathroom regularly, avoid installing mosaic designs. They require frequent and diligent attention.

Bathroom Tile Idea #4: Easy on the eyes

A bathroom with good décor is soothing to the eyes. You can choose a good accented design and use it throughout or up the ante by using more variety. It is never a good idea to use more than two or three tile designs. The result, otherwise, can be chaotic and clash with the décor. A mosaic pattern with a regular soft tile color makes for a good combination.

Choose the right tile design, color, and pattern and make your bathroom a place of allure and solace at the same time. This area will then become the cynosure of all eyes and create an aesthetic appeal you need.



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