Best Bedroom Designs For Teenagers

Here are 6 bedroom designs for teenagers--


Like adults, teenagers also need their privacy, their own space far away from all the rules and regulations, where they can do whatever they feel like doing. Teenage is very sensitive stage, it’s the time when most of them are confused and busy figuring out what they have to do in their lives, thus, they need a peaceful space, and what best space can be than their room where they can exhale all the stress and do what they love to do. Here are 6 bedroom designs for teenagers.

1. Give it a Boho Look

Whether it’s a boy or girl, teens love vibrant colors and what can be best than styling a teens room with boho elements. Boho styled room is one of the best bedroom designs for teenagers. Strong patterns, rich colors, bright sheets, classy ottoman, with colorful books in towering book cases, intriguing painting and drawings hung on the wall with a Moroccan styled study table will give a quirky and chic look and your teen won’t leave the room for good!

2. Modern and Minimalist Look

As they say less is more, teens do not want much chaos in their room. An elegant room with much space to move and necessary but modern furniture such as modular wardrobe, study table and a little corner for themselves is what every teen look for.

3. Neutral Colors to Attain peace

If your teens are not much into colors, adding neutral colors and elements is one of the best bedroom designs for teenagers. To add some quirky element, give it a contrast look. Neutrals give dramatic and eye catchy look, only if they are paired correctly. Colors like charcoal gray, creamy white and chocolate brown are ideal to create contrast.

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4. Skip Study Table in your Teenager’s Room

Being a parent you surely want a study table and chair in your teens room, you must be concern for his academic activities. But, most of the teens do not like a spare space to study, they often study on their beds or floors, so you can skip the study table and get a small sliding computer table instead. The table will be handy and it could be used for numerous ways. Also, it’s perfect for rooms which do not have much space.

5. Go for Multi-Purpose Furniture

Most of the teens love spending time in their own den, away from all the chaos, they look for their own world where they can rest, play, do all the recreational activities, and invite their friends. To keep up with their requirements and needs it’s best to design a room with versatile furniture. For example, a sturdy loft bed or bunk bed is a great substitute of double bed for both boys and girls. It will free up the space which can be utilized for rugs. Likewise, a pouf or ottoman could be used instead chairs.

6. Look for Furniture that offer Storage

Teens do need space to store their essentials. A bed with storage is a classic way to add storage. Adding to this, dresser, shelves, storage ottomans or storage benches with cabinet wall around the bed can also offer sufficient storage space.



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