Builder-Floor Or Multistorey Apartment

When Vani Parashar began looking for a property in the Delhi NCR, she realized there was a choice – builder floor or an apartment. Both segments have some great features.


Builder-floor and multistorey apartments are two preferred types of properties available in the market. Which one should you go for? Magicbricks provides you a guide to help in your buying decision.

When Vani Parashar began looking for a property in the Delhi NCR, she realized there was a choice – builder floor or an apartment. Both segments have some great features.

“While I was getting a builder floor for a few lakh rupees less, with a terrace and privacy, I had to compromise on amenities like dedicated parking, swimming pool, and clubhouse.”

“However, in an apartment, I could get the added amenities, but I was losing a lot of space in the common areas. Opening my door to another flat was a disincentive for me,” Vani says.

With builder floors and multistorey apartments giving a strong competition to each other in terms of size and price, homebuyers have a tough time selecting between the two.

Though apartment living is popular and is the best solution in space starved cities, an interesting trend has been observed in the last few years. Buyers are now warming up to the idea of lowrise buildings or builder floors.

Builder floors versus apartments: Builder floors and apartments are different in their structure, design concept, cost of construction and consumer acceptance. Where skyscrapers are a vertical solution to our rapidly growing and urbanizing cities, not everyone likes to live in them. On the other hand, getting your own land and building a villa or house can be very expensive, and tedious, in cities.

Therefore, builder floors have emerged as a perfect solution. The concept is popular in the Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Pune, etc, where land is easily available and doesn’t cost a fortune.

Builder floor units offer independent living and privacy at affordable cost. “Since each family lives on an independent floor, the occupants enjoy privacy and the living experience is like that of a villa or a bungalow, at comparatively affordable price. The builder has to take floor-wise clearance and sanction by the designated authority for the construction of builder floors,” Ramesh Yadav, a contractor in the business of builder floors in Ghaziabad, said.

Let us now take the case of Amit Arora, who recently took possession of a sixth-floor flat in Greater Noida. Highrise buildings, often with several towers, offer 2-, 3-, or 4BHK units on a single floor. Amenities like parks, clubhouse, swimming pool, community halls, etc, are shared.

Arora says: “I am living in a highrise apartment and enjoying the experience. The flat is airy, has natural light, and gives me a great view of the swimming pool in the complex.”

But, what is the flip side? “I have four other flats on the same floor, so I need to be on guard as far as privacy is concerned. I am paying Rs 5,000 per month as maintenance for the extra amenities. So, yes, highrise living is a bit expensive,” Amit says.

While a builder floor gives you an independent unit at a relatively cheaper price, highrise apartments come with more amenities, but privacy and price are a factor you want to watch out for.



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