Naredco launches e-commerce portal

The National Real Estate Development Council (Naredco) on Tuesday announced the launch of India’s first e-commerce housing portal ‘HousingForAll.Com’, to give a...

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Apple AirPods will also work with non-Apple devices

Apple is known for its closed ecosystem of devices and operating system. However, some media reports suggest that that Apple's newly-launched Bluetooth earphones, called...


What will Happen to Your Body if you Replace Packaged Juice...

The only one important detox water rule is to stay hydrated. Regardless of whether you’re attempting to lose some weight, or to flush out...

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Can I buy a house in India as a foreigner?

Can I buy a house in India as a foreigner?

A foreign national of non-Indian origin resident outside India cannot buy any immovable property in India. It is illegal for people from other countries...
Procedure for NRI to Buy Property in India

Procedure for NRI to Buy Property in India

With the rupee falling, property has been one profitable investment option for non-residential Indians (NRIs). Also, whether the marketplace is hot or not, many...
NRI Investments in India: The Essential Checklist

NRI Investments in India: The Essential Checklist

Presently, Indian real estate is a very popular investment option for most NRIs. However, since they live abroad, it becomes more important for them...

Dos and don’ts for NRIs Investing in Indian Realty

The realty market in India, has always seen considerable interest from the Indian diaspora, as an investment avenue. With developers constantly striving to woo...

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12 Ways to Turn Empty Corners of Your Home to Fabulous Ones

When we furnish our home, empty corners in a room, more often than not, can be the trickiest part to work with....

Trust The Magic Of New Beginnings

As we step into a New Year – the chatter in the air is not only about taking a few steps back...

Home Décor Trends For 2019

Gone are the days when minimalism ruled the home-décor scene. The New Year would be all about maximalism.  “This...

A Wool Carpet For Your Winter Home Décor

A good quality wool carpet underlay is a good heat insulator too. Nothing beats that warm, soft feeling when your feet hit...

Best Bedroom Designs For Teenagers

Like adults, teenagers also need their privacy, their own space far away from all the rules and regulations, where they can do whatever they...


Mushroom French Toast

A quick mushroom stroganoff sauce is ladled over thyme-flavored French toast for an early-autumn meal. If you want to serve this dish for brunch,...
Southwestern Grits

Southwestern Grits

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