How to Choose a Good Real Estate Agent?

Real estate agents are the people on the front lines of the market and act as intermediaries between the buyers and sellers.


Real estate agents are the people on the front lines of the market and act as intermediaries between the buyers and sellers. They help the buyers get the best deal according to their budget and requirements. If you are making a property investment for the first time, taking help of an agent is highly recommended. Agents are qualified in their line of work and can offer professional insight to help you grab the best deal.

However, advertisements and billboards do not speak of the authenticity of an agent. You need to create your own checklist to choose the perfect agent. Whether it is for buying a property or selling it, trust and rapport are the two main factors.

Here are a few qualities you should look in your real estate agent:

Reputation- The reputation of a real estate agent is probably the first thing a buyer goes for. A positive word of mouth from a relative or friend is always a good idea in such cases. Having dealt with the agent, they would be able to tell their positives and negatives in a better way.

Professionalism- Though we tend to go for agents who are well-known in the market, we should also make sure that the agent uses a professional approach towards the property purchase. Know if he is actually interested in your needs or is he just trying to add to his client listings. He should also be duly licensed by the proper authority.

Market Know-How- The agent should have complete knowledge about the market you are researching. Ask for well researched data about the market you want a home in. He should be able to tell you the property price trends in the market and specific information about the price bracket in which you want to buy or sell your property.

Rapport- Although every agent has good communication skills, you should find one who seems actually interested in getting you the right property. If you choose a highly reputed agent, you might not get the attention you require in buying a property. A good agent is committed to a frank nature and gives realistic response to all your queries.

Before interviewing a particular agent, make a list of questions in advance. These may include questions about his experience in the industry, number of prospective buyers who approach him, for how long he has been dealing in a particular location, etc. Do not follow anyone’s suggestions blindly. Be a smart buyer and do your own homework.



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