Noida Metro’s Aqua Line To Start Operations From October

Aqua Line will connect Greater Noida and Noida, covering 21 stations along its nearly 30km stretch.

Delhi Metro

Travelling between Greater Noida and Noida will soon ease with the opening of the Noida Metro Aqua Line in October. The 29.7km-long line is scheduled to run between Theta in Greater Noida and Sector 7 in Noida, passing through 21 stations in all.

In Greater Noida, the route will include Delta 1, Alpha 1 and 2, Pari Chowk and Knowledge Park 2. In Noida, it will cover Sector 149 to Sector 71, passing through sectors 144, 137, 81 and 50, among others.

According to media reports, though commuters will not be able to use the Delhi Metro smart card here, they will be able to use the Aqua Line smart card to pay bus fares, for paying parking fees and even use it as a debit card for shopping at malls.

“The NMRC has partnered with the State Bank of India for the ‘City 1’ cards which could be used on the metro rail, Noida city buses, parking and even used as debit card for shopping,” NMRC executive director P D Upadhyay was quoted by PTI as saying.

NMRC is also collaborating with SBI wherein commuters will be able to check in and check out with the help of Aqua Line app, which will be linked to the bank’s wallet. Then there will be single journey paper tickets with QR code printed on them, which is likely to benefit those making a one-way journey. The passenger has to tap the QR code on the AFC gate to check in or check out.

According to reports, NMRC is planning to extend the Delhi Metro Blue Line from Noida City Centre to Electronic City. When the extension becomes operational, passengers of Aqua Line will be able to travel to change and continue to travel to Delhi.



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