The realtors main aim is to close the deal or sale successfully therefore they are more likely to resort to all means, legitimate of otherwise to ensure such a scenario is accomplished within the least amount of time and effort.

However in trying to accomplish this, there are often occurrences that are less than desirable, when it comes to encouraging the prospective client to make a firm offer or commitment.

The following are some of the tactics commonly employed by sneaky realtors when it comes to getting people to commit to a property sale:

For some realtors the ideal form of getting a commitment out of the prospective client is to tire the client out, thus effectively forcing them to settle on a property. This is done by making them view a series of seemingly suitable properties that are supposedly within their stipulated requirements, and then when they portray signs of giving up, the agent swoops in with the so called ideal property for viewing. At this point the clients are usually ready to give up thus, making them easy prey for the sneaky realtor who will present a glowing picture of the final property and hard sell it. Thus after viewing all the so called bad properties, the current one (that was originally the target of the realtor) would seem like a reasonable one to commit to.

Some realtors will narrow down just a few properties and keep the client occupied viewing these. The process would designed to take up such a lot of time that the client will eventually settle for one of the properties viewed thinking that based on their own individual requirements that was the best that they were ever going to get. So instead of going around in circles the client will make the commitment to the property. To avoid such a possibility, the prospective client should actually request for a comparable analysis of the properties to be viewed before actually going around to physically view the earmarked properties.



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