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If you wish to be (along with your house) the flavor of the season – watch out for these home design trends this New Year.


As we step into a New Year – the chatter in the air is not only about taking a few steps back and picturing how the year 2018 went by; but also about making New Year resolutions and seeing what lies ahead of us. Hence, keeping this idea in the background, let’s understand, which home decor trends held ground in 2018 (and will hold momentum in 2019 as well) and of course; what awaits us in 2019. Also, if home makeover is on your agenda – do not skip this page, as we give you a step-by-step guide on the same.

The stylish scoop of 2018:

The wave of minimalism continued to expand and leave its footprint; although accents got a bit bolder and colorful; Go-green was the motto that most of us lived by and it was reflective in the way we designed our homes as well. “Use of materials like jute, rice paper, clay, etc will continue to dominate this year as well – since people want to feel close to nature,” says Saddam Zaroo, Managing Director, Khazir Sons; Tech-obsessed decor made an appearance in 2018; Velvet too made a pit-stop in late 2018 and is going to trend in 2019 as well; Hemel Parikh, founder, Elysium Abodes LLP, says, “The use of embellishments such as feathers, and fringes were the best way to add charisma and texture to your space in 2018 and will continue to add an edge in 2019.”

Decor trends everyone will be talking about in 2019:

Shriya Kolte, Founder, Imagination Inc, says, “We are expecting to see less rose gold and more of copper accents along with other metals, this year. Bold colors with richer hues would be dominant – dramatic reds, statement pinks, organic greens, and bold yellows. Also, materials such as stone, copper, concrete, and granite will help create an organic and serene ambiance.”

Maximalism is going to make its debut in 2019. From bold colors and deluxe fabrics to the metallic and detailed pattern – the idea is to use your sentiments, personality, and dreams to inspire your surroundings. Abhay Jaipuria, a partner, Vaya Home, says, “In short, the color palettes shall be more complex and detailed than the plain palettes of last year.”

Ikat, a pattern, created from a dyeing technique, is definitely going to enjoy the limelight in 2019. Bold, peppy and prominent – it has the potential to stand apart in any space. “It can be used to either punctuate a focal color in the living room couch or to add a spot of graphic texture to your bedding. The trick is in knowing how to incorporate this versatile print into your home just correctly,” adds Parikh.

“Curvature over straight lines can be seen taking shape in 2019. Curved loose furniture legs, edges of frames, twisted lamps and lamp posts can be some of the ways to pick pieces,” says Abraham Santosh, Head Designer, Elegancia.

Tips to put up wall plates in different parts of the house:

It is advisable to use two-three wall plates in one area as a single wall plate will not have a great impact;

After putting up the wall plates, accessorize that area with planters, lanterns, flowers, and candles to make that corner even more attractive;

Mix and match them. A spring inspired wall plate can be paired with a tea kettle or a cow wall plate.

It’s time to paint your town red!

If sprucing your home is on the agenda – do not hold back – as we give you a lowdown on how you can go about your business.

What should it look like on the outside?

“The entrance of your house and balcony should be warm and welcoming. Bring out your personality by adorning the walls with accessories, or add a renaissance touch with a subtle base of French vanilla accented white on the door and window frames,” says, Santosh. Use a corner of your balcony to create a Zen zone. Add planters and creepers to lend it a green look.

What should it look like on the inside?

House walls are like a canvas that reflects your personality and living style, says Anu Kumar, founder, Mora Taara. “It depicts a lot about your personal choice, objects, and colors that you love. Decor pieces like wall plates can instantly lift the mood of any dull wall. It displays stories that can keep your guests intrigued,” says Kumar. She, however, cautions against overdoing it. “Avoiding wall clutter is significant to any wall decor,” she adds.

The color palette of a room should be decided based on its primary use. “Warm colors are more energizing and make a space cozier, so they’re great for a family room or a study, while cool colors are more calming and work well in spaces meant for relaxation,” adds Jaipuria.

For instance, for the bedroom, as Santosh suggests, deep Monaco walls contrasted by millennial pinks, a tint of mauve in the upholstery and golden wood finishes would work wonders. Final touches would be a warm grey rug under the bed, or something warm to step on when you wake up.

Times Property, The Times of India, Bengaluru



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