Specification of ANTHURIUM, NOIDA

This distinctive architectural design is the result of professional engineering services. The reason why a sense of well-being spread across rooms livened by abundant natural light and fresh air.The main cent re of attraction of Anthurium Noida is its well design & eco friendly commercial space. It is impressively design to hang over the edge of the building.

  • 5 AcreProject, Three Side Open.
  • Good Workspace with natural light and natural air.
  • Advanced infrastructural facilities and landscaped green belts.
  • Enhanced infrastructural facilities like wide roads, underground cabling, an excellent drainage system and vast tracts of landscaped pollution-free green belts.
  • Exclusive sky lounge with swimming pool.
  • Platinumrated Green Building with Bee and Griha.
  • Pollution-free environment with world-class facilities for better working.
  • AI Ready Offices
  • Metro Connectivity
  • Mechanical Car Parking
  • Hi-Tech Security System Safety
  • Gymnasium
  • Yoga
  • Rejuvenation Center
  • Shopping Center

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